Friday, March 14, 2008

An interesting PC Mag article

Should I stay (with Mac OS X) or should I go (with Linux)? Which will my next desktop and laptop OS be? 

You can't care less I fear (and you are right) but if you have similar doubts or simply are curious about it, just check this interesting PC Magazine (yes PC!) article: OS Wars: The Battle for Your Desktop.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Apple is really getting on my nerves...

It seems Apple is doing everything to get on nerves of its loyal supporters: just read this.

I wonder how intelligent could be moves like:
1. disallowing coders to install at free their applications on the iPhone. Just imagine you do a small hack for your personal use: you can't definitely deliver this kind of apps through the Apple Store.
2. blocking killer apps like Skype to work on the iPhone
3. blocking the porting of Java and of scripting languages on the iPhone (or at least making life terribly hard, also from a legal point of view, to those who want to try the port).

Considering also other annoying things that I noticed recently in the Cupertino company including:
- the inability to use the latest iPod Nano on my sister's Macbook where "only" Mac OS X 10.3.9 is installed (an upgrade to 10.4 for an old machine with a G4 400 Mhz and 256 Mb of RAM doesn't sound as an option). Since the iPod Nano works smoothly on Windows XP (an OS which was first introduced in 2001; Mac OS X 10.3.9 was released on October 2003) it seems there isn't any technical reason to disallow this but just a marketing strategy to force Mac users to upgrade.
- the insane price for the Mac Book Air
- in general, the insane price of Macs here in Italy, despite the strong value of Euro against US Dollar
- the supposed agreement with the Italian telco TIM/Telecom to sell the iPhone in Italy: just ask Italians why (like the "locking" on the iPhone wasn't annoying enough).
Not to mention my problems with the 10.5 upgrade I already blogged about.

I used to "bleed in six colors" (just google for that) but now I'm really asking myself for the first time if my next computer will be a Mac...