Friday, August 29, 2008

Dex 2.0

I've finally migrated all my data from my old Ksol devices to the new ones I bought. Plenty of gigabytes migrated from computer to computer, from phone to phone (not yet an iPhone...).
Some new "sexy" service would have helped a lot (MobileMe, Live Mesh, ...) but the process was after all quite smooth (apart some problems installing Office Mac 2008 but in a sense I quite deserved it since I sticked with Office instead on converting myself to NeoOffice/Open Office...). 
I've got also a new camera but please don't ask why I bought it "right" now...
Apparently everything is ready for Dex 2.0.... I'm more than ready to cut bridges with my old (professional) life once for all: no more excuses, really!
P.S.: actually I still have a Linux server, two Zope sites and a mailing list to bring away from Ksol............. Anyone can advice a good (and cheap) Zope hosting service around???