Saturday, December 05, 2015

Presentation at Italian Drupal Day

I'm just back from Bologna, where I attended with my colleagues the Italian Drupal Day conference. We at Net7 are working on several Drupal based projects (the latest I've managed being the website of Scuola Sant'Anna, one of the most prestigious universities in Italy).

We decided to do a presentation on the project, in which we exploited the semantic API of Dandelion to completely automatise the work of an editorial team. Software services fetch articles from more than 40 web sites (in Italian, English and French) and analyse their texts using Dandelion's Named Entity Extraction and Automatic Classification services. If the article matches with the topics of interest of the portal, it is automatically published, if not it gets discarded.

The site has been in production for several months now, publishing hundreds and hundreds of selected contents, in three languages, without a hiccup and without any manual intervention.

The Drupal Day slides follow (in Italian). Enjoy!