Friday, June 05, 2015

Introducing Social Proxy

I've finally published on SlideShare the presentation of Social Proxy, a project I've been working on since 2010.

If you ask, "why this platform and not HootSuite or Radian6?", well I think it still has some strengths, despite our (huge!) competitors have received tons of VC funds over the years, while basically Social Proxy has been developed through a series of orders (some very small) from our customers. In fact:

1. Social Proxy offers, in a single SaaS offering, plenty of features that you can only get by acquiring multiple services. You can get Social Media management (à la Hootsuite) and Social Media Analysis (see Radian6). It is certainly less advanced respect these famous competitors but... it still performs more than nicely!

2. Social Proxy is a framework for Net7, that can be easily extended when a new, custom feature is needed by a customer. For example this Drupal web site, doesn't have an editorial team behind. It presents content automatically fetched and "cleaned" through the Social Proxy: dozens of RSS feeds are scanned, the linked pages retrieved and their content is extracted, keeping the main text and removing all the decoration parts. Through web services, the Drupal site fetches and publishes the curated content.
Of course competitors provide APIs but the amount of things that you can do with them is limited.

Anyway, here are the slides: enjoy the reading! Other information on Social Proxy (in Italian) can be read here.